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Computer Circuit Board Macro


Electronic Design

Firmlogik (Pty) Ltd is an Electronics Engineering, Design and Manufacturing company based in Pretoria, South-Africa. With an emphasis on designs suited for manufacturing, our engineers deliver high-quality solutions in very short time-frames.


Computer Circuit Board

Firmlogik designs, develops, and manufactures customised electronic engineering solutions.
The company developed from a start-up business in 2010 with only two senior engineers to a productive company today, which employs highly skilled electronic engineers, technicians and production staff.
We have a team of experienced engineers with in-depth knowledge of the latest and established software as well as sophisticated PCB design capabilities. We believe in a hands-on approach and are dedicated to deliver the best service to all our clients – big or small. 
Our offering includes: first idea consultations with our clients; prototype development; procurement of electronic components; pick and place manufacturing; complete assembly and testing through to the final product - branded and packaged. Quality assurance is a standard procedure throughout the development and production process.
Firmlogik also assists with revisions, further development and repairs of your product. 
Our clients range from international companies to local innovative small businesses. We operate across all industries including the cash-in-transit, telecommunications, fuel, and mining industries. 

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Embedded Firmware Design

Cogs in the Machine

Virtually all modern embedded designs incorporate microprocessors that require firmware to execute the intended logic. With our experience in firmware design we are able to supply our customers needs in terms of micro-controller based firmware intended for the industrial market with applications such as low-power RF, security access control, modem communication to IOT servers, tracking systems, vehicle monitoring etc

Printed Circuit Board Design

Engineering Sketch

Our engineering capability starts at designing the hardware as specified by our clients. We focus on designing cost-sensitive PCBs which can be manufactured in volume.

We take into consideration production factors during the design phase in order to decrease manufacturing cost.

PCB Assembly and Testing

Measuring Rods

With our own in-house production capability, we support our clients to get their product manufactured and quality assured.

We supply a final assembly service should the electronics be incorporated into other systems, as well as final testing and packaging of the product.

Conformal coating of boards are done in-house.

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